Bryan College to Host Homeschool/Dual Enrollment Visit Day

Bryan College is hosting Homeschool/Dual Enrollment Visit Day on its main campus on Friday, March 24, 2023. The event is one of many Bryan College hosts throughout the school year giving prospective students and their families an opportunity to visit the campus and learn more about the college.

The event serves a dual purpose for students interested in learning more about Bryan College and for those already considering attending.

“Most of the students who attend are either interested in dual enrollment or are already taking part in dual enrollment. Many homeschool families take part in dual enrollment,” said Pat Wesolowski, Bryan College Homeschool Counselor. “This is a great opportunity for students to become familiar with Bryan College from the campus to the faculty, staff, and current students.”

Bryan College is a Christian college located in East Tennessee in the city of Dayton. It offers over 30 majors in more than 50 fields of study, 13 master’s degree programs, as well as a Doctorate of Business Administration degree. The average classroom has a 12:1 student-teacher ratio.

During the Homeschool/Dual Enrollment Visit Day, students will attend chapel, classes, and workshops, as well as tour the campus and eat lunch in the college cafeteria. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a live presentation of the Scopes Trial at the courthouse.

Another opportunity on visit day is to learn more about the Bryan College Summer Institute that will be hosted in July. The Summer institute is open to rising ninth through twelfth grade students who may also earn college credit for attending.

“Students earn one hour of college credit. They can confirm (or deny) a potential interest (in the way of college majors). Students become familiar with the campus, the faculty, and staff (relieving new student anxiety),” said Pat “Students can potentially find a suitable roommate.”

Bryan College is offering the Summer Institute Essay Contest for a student to win registration for the one-week summer program.

“The essay contest is new and the first time this has been offered. This is the fourth year we will host the Summer Institute,” said Wesolowski. “The contest was created to spread the word about the Summer Institute and to provide one lucky (skilled) student a week of camp.”

Bryan College has proved to be a homeschool-friendly campus with having a designated homeschool counselor like Pat Wesolowski who works with prospective homeschool students. Several homeschool students dual enroll at Bryan College, and continue as full-time college students.

“We had more homeschoolers enroll in the fall than private schooled students. I believe it’s around 25 percent to 35 percent, but 60 percent of our honors awards go to homeschooled students,” said Wesolowski “The president is a homeschool dad, and many faculty and staff homeschool. We also have a homeschool scholarship.”

Register to attend the Homeschool/Dual Enrollment Visit Day. Learn more about the Summer Institute Essay Contest.

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