Scholarship: C & J 1st Stage Childcare

Kierra is pictured holding a flyer about the scholarship. A college graduate herself, she knows how expensive college can be and hopes the C & J 1st Stage Childcare scholarship will be a blessing to the recipients.

SCHOLARSHIP: C & J 1st Stage Childcare

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the C & J 1st Stage Childcare scholarship is to be an extra support to first time college students in an effort to have a successful academic journey.

AWARD: A $300 each, one-time scholarship will be awarded to two high school seniors.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Create a one to three minute video explaining how the scholarship will benefit you as a first-time college student. Recipients must attend a two-year technical vocational college, or a four-year university/college. E-mail for the application.



APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 14, 2023 – E-mail the application and video by the deadline.

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