Southwest Tennessee Community College Opens Fall 2023 Dual Enrollment Registration

Southwest Tennessee Community College (SWTCC) opens its dual enrollment registration for fall 2023 on Monday, April 3, 2023.

Dual enrollment allows a student to earn college credit while still attending high school. It is an affordable option many high school students choose to complete requirements for both high school and college graduation, which can often put the student ahead before starting college as a fulltime student. Students may take any dual enrollment class for which they meet the prerequisites and/or eligibility requirements.

SWTCC opens its dual enrollment option to high school juniors and seniors that attend a public school or a qualified private or homeschool program. All students applying for dual enrollment must meet the ACT and GPA requirements. A sophomore that proves outstanding academic performance may be eligible to dual enroll with approval from the college.

A homeschool student may enroll for dual enrollment courses on one of the five Mid-South SWTCC campuses that includes:

Gill Center

Macon Cove Campus

Maxine A. Smith Center

Whitehaven Center

Union Avenue Campus

Students may learn more about the requirements to apply and parents may learn more about how they can best support their student.

For more information about dual enrollment at SWTCC, contact the dual enrollment coordinator at [email protected] or call (901) 333-4251.

If your child is a junior or senior, apply for the dual enrollment grant to see if your student is eligible for money towards college courses.

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