Take Your Shot: Nashville Environmental Sustainability Photo Contest

Take your shot at capturing photographs that represent Nashville’s environmental successes and opportunities in the Nashville Environmental Sustainability Photo Contest. The contest is presented by the Metro Nashville Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, which is seeking photography entries from residents of Davidson and surrounding counties.

The photograph submissions may include “a range of environmental issues, impacts, or solutions” with the following themes:

  • Buildings including energy saving design, neighborhoods, landscaping, site design, and designing for less waste
  • Energy including conservation, usage, impact on the environment, green infrastructure, vehicle to grid, and electric vehicles.
  • Environmental Justice including negative environmental impacts on low income, minority, and disadvantaged communities.
  • Natural Resources including energy, water, air, wildlife, landscaping, land use.
  • Resilience including addressing climate change and environmental issues through preparedness, flooding, heat, extreme weather, urban canopy, green infrastructure, and community support.
  • Transportation including vehicular, pedestrian, bike, and public transportation.
  • Waste including wasted food, recycling, waste reduction and diversion, water, energy.

There are three age competition categories that include under 12, 12 – 18 years, and over 18.

Winning photographers will be chosen for each theme in each age category.

The deadline to submit entries is Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

CONTEST: Nashville Environmental Sustainability Photo Contest

CONTESTANTS: children and adults

ENTRY DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 15, 2023.


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