Tennessee Promise Spring and Summer Community Service Hours Due in April

The deadline for submitting community service hours for students who applied for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship and are starting college spring or summer of 2023, is quickly approaching. When it comes to the Tennessee Promise, there are so many deadline to remember and not to forget, because that could cause a student to lose their Tennessee Promise eligibility. Fortunately, tnAchieves does a good job of reminding students of when those deadlines and requirements that need to be completed.

Monday, April 3, 2023, is the same deadline for spring and summer enrollment, but the number of hours required to submit is different. If you are a student starting college in spring, you will need to submit eight (8) hours of community by the April deadline. If you are a student starting college in the summer, you will need to complete 16 hours of community service by the April deadline. Same deadline, different number of community service hours required.

Students who still need community service hours may complete up to four hours online, but the remaining hours must be done in person.

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