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Teaching Textbooks to Discontinue Sales and Support of Disc Sets

Teaching Textbooks has been helping homeschool parents master math instruction in their school since 2003 when it first came on the market with its Algebra I Textbook. It was not long after that the company introduced its disc sets that would eventually include math instruction for third grade math through Pre-Calculus. The addition of those products with its interactive features that included automated grading allowed parents to step back from math instruction and turn it over to the wonder of Teaching Textbooks. On Monday, March 25, 2024, Teaching Textbooks announced it would be retiring all disc products and ending the sales of those products by Thursday, October 31, 2024, or while supplies last.

A little over seven years ago, Teaching Textbooks began offering its online version 3.0. Although that new version offered even more exciting features and functionality, many parents whose children were using either version 1.0 and version 2.0 were hesitant to make the move to fulltime online math instruction for their children. Since that time, most current users of Teaching Textbooks are online and loving the improved features the version 4.0 app offers.

Some of the reasons for retiring the discs include limitations with the inability to update, lack of internal and external disk drives, and the incompatibility with Macs. With the disc sets no longer being sold and support for installing, activating, and use not being offered after January 1, 2026, replacement discs will also not be available for purchase.

Families can still expect the best from Teaching Textbooks with its online version 4.0 that has improved features and online accessibility on multiple devices. The curriculum is portable and for those parents who want to limit the amount of time their child spends learning on a computer, they can download six lessons at a time for their child to do math offline. The parent can turn on online access at any time and be able to continuously maintain and access the gradebook from any device. With the use of the app, parents will also be able to benefit from updates and improvements in real-time.

Teaching Textbooks will still be selling printed textbooks in a new lay-flat binding with perforated pages. So parents who choose to teach math exclusively offline still have that option.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact Teaching Textbooks at (405) 525-3600, Monday through Friday CST, or by e-mail at [email protected]

If you are considering Teaching Textbooks for your school, you can do a free trial to see how it could work in your school.

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