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Homeschool Roster is an online resource that has served West Tennessee homeschoolers for more than 10 years. Over that time, it has grown in a number of ways becoming a source for West Tennessee homeschool news; field trip, event, and educational workshop offerings; in-person and online book sales; dances and proms; and graduations. Check out the resources below and visit, join, and/or follow to connect and not miss any updates about anything homeschool in West Tennessee.


Homeschool Roster is where you will find a roster of field trips and events to add to your homeschool year. Learn more about becoming a member to gain full access to the complete field trip calendar, manage field trips through your member account, and pick and choose from a wide variety of field trips that will interest all ages of people.

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The Homeschool Roster – Get Out of the House group is your quick connection to learn about upcoming Homeschool Roster field trips and events, ask questions about those events, and where we also share about events we just learned are happening and we don’t want you to miss it!

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The Homeschool Dance group is where you will find information about the upcoming dance, Homeschool Rockin’ Sock Hop. The dance is open to middle school and high school homeschool students and will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

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The Homeschool Prom group is where you will find information about the upcoming prom, “A Night on Broadway” – A Homeschool Prom 2024. The prom is open to middle school and high school homeschool students and will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

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Connect with other homeschoolers in the West Tennessee Homeschool Support group. We love talking about homeschool. Learn how to get started with homeschool, ask questions, and share about homeschool opportunities in our area.

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At the Homeschool Consignment Sale, you will find gently used books (and some new books) and other items for your homeschool. The savings are great and the best part is you are shopping local from fellow homeschoolers just like you. In person delivery is available in the Jackson and Memphis areas, and shipping is offered.

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Celebrate your senior at the Homeschool Graduation 2024. Graduates do not have to be a Homeschool Roster member, part of any group, homeschool cooperative, homeschool association, or any organization to participate. The Homeschool Graduation 2024 is open to all homeschoolers and will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

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If you live in Hardeman County, join the Hardeman County Homeschoolers group to keep up with homeschool news and information in the county.

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