Saturday, December 9, 2023

Get Out of the House in November

Nut Remix, The Wind in the Willows, and CPR and AED Training and Certification and First Aid and Narcan Training are just some of the things we are doing and places we are going.

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Get Out of the House in December

Loaves and Fishes Tour, A Christmas Carol, Handel's Messiah, Family Christmas 2023, Disney On Ice, Christmas Ice Skate, The Nutcracker, Christmas Tree Farm and Wood Crafting, Shakespeare's Greatest Hits, and ICE Polar Express.

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Education Information Sessions (parenting and homeschool help)

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HOMESCHOOL? {Saturday, December 9, 2023}

An overview of how to legally homeschool in Tennessee, homeschool styles, curriculum options, local resources for homeschoolers, and an open time for attendees to get their homeschool questions answered. Read full session summary and register to attend.

January 2024

THE STRUGGLE IS "READ" {Saturday, January 13, 2024}

Is your child grappling with reversed letters in writing and struggling with basic word reading? Read full session summary and register to attend.

Get Out of the House 2024 - See Where We are Going and What We Are Doing!