Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Homeschool 101

Forms for Homeschool Students

There are a number of forms you may need for your child as they go through their years of homeschool. Below are some of the common forms. If your child is registered as an independent homeschool student (filed an NOI), you will need most of these forms at some point in time. If your child is registered with an umbrella school or an accredited online (private) school, check with the school to obtain the forms.

Click on the link to download the form you need.


Notice of Intent to Homeschool – The Notice of Intent to Homeschool form is one to be completed for a student who will register with their local school board as an independent homeschooler. { get form }

Attendance form – The attendance form is to be completed each school year and submitted to your homeschool liaison by June 30 of the current school year. { get form }


Verification of Enrollment – The Verification of Enrollment form is a form a student will need when they go to get a learner’s permit. { get form } See the other required items.


Indemnity Agreement – The Indemnity Agreement form is one of two (the second form is a proof of enrollment) to be completed for a homeschool student who is trying out to play a TSSAA sport at their locally zoned public school. { get form }


Vaccine exemption – A student will submit the Vaccine Exemption form if they do not participate in a scheduled vaccination program.{ get form }

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