Celebrate Your Child with an Award for Their First Fish Catch

As parents, there are so many firsts we look forward to sharing with our children. The first time they say “mama” or “dada” . . . the first time they read a book . . . the first time they ride a bike . . . even the first time they catch a fish. For catching that first fish, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has a special award, the TWRA First Fish Award, to help your child to celebrate their first catch.

TWRA First Fish Award certificate.

Once a child catches their first fish, they are referred to as an angler, a person who fishes with a rod and line. The First Fish Award is official and certified by Mark Thurman, TWRA Chief of Fisheries. The only criteria an angler needs to meet to receive the award is having caught their first fish anywhere and that the fish was caught in Tennessee. The size of the fish and the age of the angler does not matter.

The TWRA First Fish Award may be received either online or by mail. You may complete the award online and print it, or have an award signed by the Chief of Fisheries and mailed to your angler.

Congratulations to your angler on their first catch! Happy fishing.

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