Complete Tennessee Promise Community Service Hours Online

Students planning to use or are already using the Tennessee Promise scholarship for college may compete community service hours virtually from the comfort of their home or from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Each semester or trimester, students must complete eight hours of community service, and four of those hours may be done by watching educational webinars that are available through their tnAchieves student portal.

The available webinar topics are ones that are pertinent to college students. Some of the topics include In-Demand, College Resources, Transferring to a Four-Year College, Careers, Careers with a Law Degree, FindYourWhy: Pursuing your Passion, Careers in K-12 Education Part 1, and more. You may see more virtual community service topics.

The four hours of virtual community service may be combined in any manner with in-person community service hours a student completes. A student may watch fours hours of webinars, and complete four hours of in-person community service, or watch two hours of webinars and complete six hours of in-person community service, or any combination with the maximum number of virtual community service hours being no more than four per semester of trimester.

Once a student completes any number of community service hours, it is best to enter them in their student portal once completed and not wait until the full eight hours are done, if completing the hours at different locations. That way, hours do not get forgotten. When a student enters their hours in the portal, it keeps track and the student will receive e-mail notification of the remaining hours needed until the full amount is completed.

When considering in-person community service hours to complete, follow these guidelines to ensure the community service you plan to do meets the requirements:

  • A student may not be paid for community service in any manner, which includes at their job.
  • A student may not use volunteering for an individual (e.g. doing yard work, babysitting, etc.) as community service.
  • A family member may not be listed as the supervisor of the community service a student completes, even if that person witnessed the work being done.
  • Evangelizing (sharing of faith) is not considered community service.

The community service hours deadline for new fall 2023 Tennessee Promise students are due by Monday, April 3, 2023.

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