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Homeschoolers in Tennessee have a lot of options when it comes to playing sports. They are able to play at their local public school in any TSSAA sports per the TSSAA, at private schools that allow homeschoolers to play on their teams, with recreational clubs, and with competitive homeschool organizations.

Independent Homeschool Student and Accredited Online (private) School Student

If your child plans to play sports at your local public school, the Notice of Intent to Homeschool form is due by August 1 of each school year for all sports (ex: fall, winter and spring). The next step is to notify the school principal and coach of the team for which your child would like to play before the first official practice date. Students may be asked to complete an Application to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics form and an Indemnity Agreement form. The TSSAA rule only allows your child to try out and does not guarantee they will be selected for the team or allowed to play.

Church-Related Umbrella School

If your child plans to play sports at your local public school, they must present a proof of enrollment form from their umbrella school and an Indemnity Agreement form before the first day of practice. The rule only allows your child to try out and does not guarantee they will be selected for the team or allowed to play.

These sports are the ones that are open to homeschoolers under the TSSAA rule. Cheerleading and dance are not included. Check with the individual school to see if participation is allowed for those activities.

If you use an umbrella school, contact your school for more information about your child participating in sports.

Select private schools allow homeschoolers to participate on their school teams. School enrollment or a student fee may apply. Contact the private school for which your child would like to play to learn more about that opportunity.

Most counties and/or cities offer recreational sports. Check with your local government office to learn about sports and other opportunities offered to children and teens.

A number of businesses offer homeschool only programs throughout the school year.

One of the great reasons to live in the West Tennessee area is all of the opportunities available to homeschool students. Competitive sports is one of those opportunities. Many of these organizations offer skill building and team play in various sports that have lead to homeschool athletes being offered athletic scholarships for college.

Below is a list of locations that specifically offer homeschool programs and/or classes. schools, businesses, and organizations that offer athletic experiences specific to homeschool students.


Hatchie River Area Youth Soccer

Lexington Soccer League

Arrow Athletics
1751 Vann Drive
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Augustine School
1171 Old Humboldt Road
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
(731) 660-6822

Jackson Area Soccer (JAWS)
Jackson, Tennessee
E-mail JAWS

Jackson Swim Team (JAX)
705 Lambuth Boulevard
University of Memphis Lambuth:
Wellness, Health & Fitness Building
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
(731) 300-6478
E-mail head coach

Jackson Juniors Volleyball
Contact Phylis Anyango, Club Director
(731) 217-7805
{team and lessons}

Jackson, Tennessee

Arlington Tennis Center
11429 Memphis Arlington Road
Arlington, Tennessee 38002
(901) 238-7077

Ballet on Wheels Dance School & Company
Ballet On Wheels (at Aurora Collegiate Academy)
4841 Summer Avenue, Suite 1
Memphis, Tennessee 38122

Believe Gymnastics
7995 Stage Hills Boluevard
Memphis, Tennessee 38133
(901) 388-3737

High Point Climbing and Fitness – Memphis
21 North Humphreys Boulevard
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
{Homeschool P.E. Club}

879 Willow Tree Circle ​
Suite 111
Cordova, Tennessee 38018
(901) 753-4705
{variety of sports}

Mid-South Ice House
10705 Ridgeway Industrial Drive
Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
{team and lessons for ice skating and ice hockey}
Memphis Cheer
1375 Big Orange Road
Cordova, Tennessee 38018
(901) 308-2451
Memphis Youth Athletics
E-mail Nick Dwyer
(901) 359-2012
{cross country and track}



If you know of a business, recreation league, or homeschool organization that offers homeschool sports programs to students in West Tennessee, and is not on this list, please e-mail Homeschool Roster.

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