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Free Parenting Education Information Sessions Offered in Bolivar

Five free parenting education information sessions will be held in Bolivar this fall to help parents along their homeschool journey. The fall topics were chosen in response to needs shared by homeschool parents. The sessions will cover getting started with homeschool, balancing life and homeschool, navigating the high school years, affording college, and cracking the code to help a struggling reader

Guest presenters have experience working with homeschool parents and understand their needs. Read more to learn about each session and register to attend.

HOW TO BALANCE IT ALL {Saturday, September 30, 2023}

One of the most important things we can do to make sure our homeschooling adventure is successful, is to make our students’ homeschool education a vital part of our daily lives without it consuming our daily lives. Read full session summary and register to attend.

HOW TO BALANCE IT ALL {Saturday, October 7, 2023}

An overview of the high school years from ninth grade through twelfth grade covering education plans, high school credits, grading, dual enrollment, graduation requirements, and assistance applying for the Tennessee Promise. Read full session summary and register to attend.

COLLEGE: GETTING THERE FROM HERE {Wednesday, October 18, 2023}

They say “time flies,” and that seems especially true with children. One day they’re starting kindergarten, and before you know it, they’re graduating from high school. Read full session summary and register to attend.

THE STRUGGLE IS READ {Saturday, November 18, 2023}

Is your child grappling with reversed letters in writing and struggling with basic word reading? Read full session summary and register to attend.

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HOMESCHOOL? {Saturday, December 9, 2023}

An overview of how to legally homeschool in Tennessee, homeschool styles, curriculum options, local resources for homeschoolers, and an open time for attendees to get their homeschool questions answered. Read full session summary and register to attend.

The Education Information Sessions are hosted by Homeschool Roster and Hardeman County Homeschoolers. You do not not have to be a homeschool parent to attend the sessions. They are free and open to the public.

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