Freed-Hardeman University Invites High School Seniors to Celebrate Pi Day with Hands-on Activities

The Freed-Hardeman University’s (FHU) Math, Engineering, and Computer Science (MECS) Department is hosting a scholarship competition to celebrate Pi Day on Thursday, March 14, 2024, on its campus in Henderson, Tennessee. High school seniors will participate in hands-on learning and a scholarship award will be given to an eligible attendee.

The day will include working with Raspberry Pi 4 in a variety hands-on projects. The Math, Engineering, and Computer Science programs will be highlighted as well as the new four-year Engineering Degree with a concentration in Computer Engineering. Participants will also have the opportunity to tour the campus and meet students currently attending FHU.

“FHU’s Computer Engineering degree will encourage and direct students toward opportunities in undergraduate research in fields like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and business analytics. Additionally, students will be connected with businesses and organizations interested in hiring or providing internships. Many engineering programs are often research-driven with classes often being taught by graduate teaching assistants,” said Dr. Jared Gott, Assistant Dean of Emerging and Innovative Programs. “As a teaching institution, students in FHU’s program will be taught directly by the full-time Computer Engineering faculty. FHU’s mission is to help students “develop their God-given talent for His glory.” This mission is carried out in the Computer Engineering program by teaching students how to engage their discipline in both scholarship and service.”

Mini-events will be revealed on Pi Day. Scores will be accumulated by the MECS faculty during the event, and winners will be announced for the scholarship award a few weeks after Pi Day. At the end of the day, participants will be able to take home their Raspberry Pi to continue learning with their own creative ideas!

Dr. Gott shared his hope for the students attending Pi Day.

“I hope that students leave Pi Day with a renewed passion for an academic discipline that they may already be interested in. It’s always enjoyable to see students learning, but when you see them having fun and making friends in the process, it makes the day even more meaningful,” said Dr. Gott.

All high school seniors and transfer students are welcome to attend the Pi Day event, but only freshmen attending FHU in the Fall of 2024 are eligible for the scholarship award.

The has limited space, so those interested in attending are encouraged to register soon. You may register now for the FHU Pi Day.

There will be no scheduled activities for guests.

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