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Get Out of the House in October with Homeschool Roster

Homeschool Roster has an exciting October month of field trips planned! Pick and choose where you want to go and what you want to do. Add one or two field trips to your schedule, or add them all! If you are a Homeschool Roster member, please log into your account to register with your own private field trip link. If you are not a Homeschool Roster member, you may use the registration link provided to register for any non-member field trip.

Check back for field trips that may be added later. We look forward to seeing you on a field trip!

A Visit Back In Time {Members and Non-members}, 10/5

Hardeman County is having a birthday in October celebrating its bicentennial, 200 years.

We are going to visit the Bolivar-Hardeman County Library History Room. We will learn how to use the history room and trace history of the county and its people back before all of us were born. You may even learn history about your family.


The Tempest {Members}, 10/6

On the mystical isle once ruled by the witch Sycorax, her demi-devil son Caliban and the airy spirit Ariel held sway – until 12 years ago. The betrayed and deposed Duke Prospero of Milan and his infant daughter Miranda were shipwrecked there in a cast-off, rotten boat – given up for dead. Indenturing Ariel and Caliban, raising his daughter, and teaching himself magical arts, Prospero now sets his sights on mortal revenge when his enemies appear on the sea’s horizon. He raises a tempest to shipwreck them, but this will not end in tragedy. When the royals and clowns arrive, a life-long lesson in redemption and forgiveness unfolds within a musical harmony of the sea. What Miranda will describe as a “brave new world” will be Shakespeare’s farewell to the stage.


Homeschooling High School Year By Year {Members and Non-members}, 10/7

An overview of the high school years from ninth grade through twelfth grade covering education plans, high school credits, grading, dual enrollment, graduation requirements, and assistance applying for the Tennessee Promise (deadline November 1, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.).


Arsenic and Old Lace, 10/6-8, 10/13-14

Drama critic Mortimer Brewster’s engagement announcement is upended when he discovers a corpse in his elderly aunts’ window seat. Mortimer rushes to tell Abby and Martha before they stumble upon the body themselves, only to learn that the two old women aren’t just aware of the dead man in their parlor, they killed him! Between his aunts’ penchant for poisoning wine, a brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, and another brother using plastic surgery to hide from the police—not to mention Mortimer’s own hesitancy about marriage—it’ll be a miracle if Mortimer makes it to his wedding. Arsenic and Old Lace is a classic black comedy about the only thing more deadly than poison: family.


Fire Station Tour, 10/13

Fire Safety Week is October Sunday through Saturday, October 8 – 14, 2023, and we are touring the City of Bolivar Fire Department. We will meet the fire chief and firemen, see fire trucks and how they work, watch demonstrations, and learn how to keep ourselves safe in the event of a fire.

We are heading to Fall Fun at Falcon Ridge Farm after this field trip and would love for you to join us!


Fall Fun at Falcon Ridge Farm {Members and Non-members}, 10/13

Going to Falcon Ridge Farm is a Homeschool Roster favorite. Each year, our anticipation grows and our experience never disappoints. Along with taking a hayride and getting to choose your own special pumpkin, there is a petting zoo, playground, corn box, you can have lunch under the picnic pavilion, and enjoy getting lost in the interactive corn maze. And, that is just some of the fun to be had on the farm.

We are touring the Bolivar Fire Department at 10 a.m. before this field trip and would love for you to join us.


Frontier Days Lantern Tour {Members}, 10/21

We are taking a (not scary) lantern tour and will encounter some famous (and infamous) residents who tell stories about the frontier, and much more. Each person has a story to tell about who they are and perhaps something a bit dark and mysterious that haunts the area’s history.


Macbeth {Members}, 10/25 & 10/26

Macbeth is most associated with its witches, murders, and invention of the word “assassination,” but Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy is packed full of politics, prophecy, and psychological turmoil. The production harkens to ghost stories told around a campfire in the darkness of the woods, with actors speaking of wickedness and power. The monster at the center of this tale, however, is not a supernatural force, but unbridled human ambition.


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