Jackson Symphony League Holds Color of Music Art Contest

Each year, kindergarten through the eighth grade students across West Tennessee share their artistic talent and creativity producing beautiful artwork for the Jackson Symphony League’s Color of Music art contest. The pictures they paint and draw have brought to life the various music selections chosen over the years for the contest. Students do not have to be skilled or trained artists to participate in the competition. The student is challenged to share his interpretation, which alone is art.

This is the 26th year the art contest has been held with the goals of:

• Providing an opportunity for listening to and visually interpreting classical music.
• Increasing awareness of The Jackson Symphony and familiarize students with repertoires presented by The Jackson Symphony.
• Encouraging a lifelong appreciation of symphonic music by young people.

The music selections this year are Mov. 4 of Dvorak Symphony No. 7 and Mov. 1 of the Sibelius Violin Concerto. Students are to listen to the music and choose one piece to interpret through art.

When listening to music, several pictures may come to mind depending upon the tune, the instruments used in the music, and the personal experiences of the listener. The interpretation of a piece of music is not the same from one person to another. Through the annual The Color of Music art contest, students are able to express themselves using artwork as their voice to share their interpretation of a piece of music.

Over the years, the Color of Music art contest has had several homeschool students who have submitted winning pieces.

There are a number of categories for which students will be recognized and all top award winners will receive a plaque and a cash prize. Their artwork will also be professionally framed. These four winning entries will be featured in publications of The Jackson Symphony and The Jackson Symphony League, as well as on The Jackson Symphony website.

Student winners will be presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at The Ned. Finalist entries will be on display at the lobby.

If your homeschool student would like to participate, please e-mail Jennifer Smeltser, homeschool contact, to receive the contest packet. All art submissions must be submitted to Jennifer Smeltser by Tuesday, January 24, 2023. Read the rules, so you may learn how your student may participate. The contest is open to students in Madison County and its surrounding counties (i.e.: Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Gibson, Hardeman, Haywood, Madison, McNairy, and Weakley) only.

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