Yes! Homeschoolers Do Prom

Article originally published May 2018.

I am not certain when the rumor started that birthed the myth: homeschoolers lack social skills and opportunities. Our view last week looked a little like this – of course, there was school, but there was also theatre practice, serving as a home tour docent at a cemetery (of all places), soccer games with the Memphis Nighthawks (now merged with MHEA), a field trip, and we finished the week with the 2018 Hardeman County Homeschool (HCH) Prom: A Night Under the Stars.

UPDATE 2024: Join us for Homeschool Prom 2024!: “A Night on Broadway” – A Homeschool Prom.

It is weeks, just like the last one that make me laugh when I hear someone’s concern about my children missing out on opportunities, because I have chosen to homeschool them. So far, we have not missed out on much. Because of our free time flexible schedule, homeschooling has opened a number of doors to us. Along with opportunities, my children have made some great friends.

homeschool prom

These girls, along with other homeschool friends, enjoyed a night out together at the 2018 HCH Prom that was held at The Franklin Courtyard in Mississippi this past weekend. Homeschoolers came from all over to attend the homeschool prom. I will tell you this much, homeschoolers know how to party (good and clean) and have some fun.

Their friendship was formed on the volleyball court playing for the West Tennessee Homeschool Sports and Activities (WTHSA, now WTHEA) organization. Just a note that there are a number of homeschool organizations in West Tennessee that provide opportunities – music, speech and debate, athletics, art, field trips, dance, science fairs, gymnastics – for homeschoolers. You name it, homeschoolers have got it . . . and, yes, prom.

homeschool prom

I can honestly say these girls and their other teammates immediately bonded. I know that may sound weird, but it is actually quite normal; we’re homeschoolers. We can be serious, but can also get a little bit silly sometimes.

homeschool prom

How is that for socialization?

homeschool prom

I would say, as homeschoolers, my children are not lacking in opportunities. The real challenge is me learning how to say, “no,” because we just cannot do everything.

homeschool prom

How many of you can relate to that?

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